Welcome to the Signalling Record Society Victoria.

The Signalling Record Society Victoria (or SRSV) is a group for people with an interest in railway signalling and safeworking systems.

Members’ Meetings

Meetings are held six times a year. Visitors are welcome. Follow the link over to right for more information.


Somersault is the the SRSV members’ newsletter and magazine and is published six times each year. Follow the link over to right to see Contents of past issues.

Signalling Record

Members may also subscribe to Signalling Record, a magazine produced by the Signalling Record Society in the United Kingdom.

Market Street Signal Bridge Restoration

Come help restore this magnificent signal bridge. Work days on the third Sunday of each month. Follow the link on the right to register your participation or to find out more about this project.

Inspection Tours

Each September, an inspection tour is organised for SRSV members. With the permission of the relevant authorities, the tour visits signal boxes and panels not usually accessible to the public.


The Society is establishing an Archive at Seymour for its collection of paper records.

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